Becky Mansfield
November 1, 2014

Becky has several blogs.  Her most popular blog, Your Modern, boasts over 3 million page views a month.   She has extremely active readers looking for encouragement and daily tips.   This blog has brought on amazing opportunities and has taken her family all over the United States and out of the country, for different campaigns.
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Her husband, Mickey Mansfield, is a full time blogger at  Your Modern    He also runs the financing for all of the blogs under Your Modern Family, LLC.     Your Modern Dad is a parenting blog for dads.   He has had national recognition for the ‘Best Dad Blogger’.

your modern dad

Together, they run as a way to help families that are JUST beginning on their journey to clean eating.  They work off of the 90/10 rule.   90% clean, 10% not.  It is a place where they share tips and ideas for clean eating with a family (with kids!)

Best Grilled Vegetables

She runs, with Paula Rollo, where they teach bloggers how to have a successful blog.  Together, they are earning six-figures a quarter with their blogs.

becky mansfield

She also co-runs the course,  BlogPreneur, with Holly Homer & Paula Rollo.

You can see more about her blogs here.