Your Modern Dad

Becky Mansfield
January 4, 2016

Becky’s husband runs Your Modern Dad, a place for fathers to go for encouragement and tips.  He has quickly grown his blog and now has national recognition as “best dad blogger”.  He continues to work as the Your Modern Family, LLC financial advisor and manager.

They travel together, with their kids, for their blogs and will be speaking at blogging conferences in 2016.   They have launched several new sites together, such as and

Mic and I ran with Jack on the beach... And let me tell you... Our 9 year old can run much faster (and longer) than his thirty-something parents! #betteryou

Your Modern

Becky Mansfield
January 4, 2016

Your Modern Family is my largest blog, with over 3 million monthly page views.  This blog continues to grow and has gained my family national recognition.   This blog earns over six figures quarterly, which is the reason that I run my second blog about how to start a successful blog.

YourModernFamily is a place where parents can come to find advice from how to parent their child in a positive way, to how to organize their home and find meals that make dinnertime easier.  If it has to do with families, it is on my blog.

This site also has a very active Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram feed.  I also have over 25,000 subscribers to my weekly newsletter.


Media Relations

Becky Mansfield
November 19, 2014

I love being your brand representative!   I have partnered with President Obama, Kelly Ripa, Lisa Ling, Jennifer Hudson, Wendy Thomas, Ree Drummond and many more.

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I have partnered with amazing companies such as Bounty, Sears, Target, VTech, SunKist, J&J, DelMonte, Gerber, Universal Studios and many many more.  I love working with brands and being their representative and an ambassador.   I have traveled with my family to many speaking engagements and other events to host them.

I have also been featured in several commercials, including ones for Motrin and Ellios pizza.


Becky Mansfield
November 1, 2014

I love speaking at conferences!   This is one of my favorite things, as it allows me to combine my degree of teaching with my passion of blogging and helping others.
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Becky Mansfield
November 1, 2014

Becky has several blogs.  Her most popular blog, Your Modern, boasts over 3 million page views a month.   She has extremely active readers looking for encouragement and daily tips.   This blog has brought on amazing opportunities and has taken her family all over the United States and out of the country, for different campaigns.
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Her husband, Mickey Mansfield, is a full-time blogger at  Your Modern    He also runs the financing for all of the blogs under Your Modern Family, LLC.     Your Modern Dad is a parenting blog for dads.   He has had national recognition for the ‘Best Dad Blogger’.

your modern dad


You can see more about her blogs here. 

My Books

Becky Mansfield
November 1, 2014


I have written several books, all seen below…


Potty Train in a Weekend:

You can be a stay at home mom on one income:
You can be a stay at home mom


A simple Christmas - get back to

Free ebook:
7 days of hacks



Work From Home Blogging: how to start a successful blog that earns as much as a full-time job. 
start a successful blog







If you would like to be an Affiliate of ANY of these books, please visit my Affiliate page here