About Becky Mansfield

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Becky has been blogging for since 2011 and has authored nine books, including an Amazon best-seller.

Her Courses about decluttering, positive parenting and eating right are also a huge hit with her readers.

Her blog, YourModernFamily, has 3.5 million monthly page views.  She has also co-created the blogging course BlogPreneur with Holly Homer and Paula Rollo.  She is active on many social media platforms and loves engaging with her followers.

Her work can be found on several well-known sites and in several magazines, including Redbook, Huffington Post, New York Times, Parents and Parade.

Becky has starred in four commercials and has volunteered in several for her favorite charities and causes.

She has been invited all over the United States to work with influential people, celebrities and  bloggers,  such as President Obama, Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Hudson, Lisa Ling, Dolly Parton, Rea Drummond and more. (Find Becky in pink below… )

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Speaking is a passion of Becky’s.  You can find her speaking at many blogging conferences throughout the year, as well as speaking at many organizations.  She covers a variety of topics from how to run a successful blog.    Her degree in elementary education with a minor in writing is the perfect fit for her blog.  She also holds a certification in play therapy.



Becky works with many brands that she trusts.  She loves to find new ideas to share their products.  She presents it in a way that her readers take hold of it and run.  They share it and the brand receives great new followers and customers.  She loves finding brands and companies that she can work with on a monthly basis, as an ambassador.  It creates a trust and familiarity in the brand that her readers can appreciate.


If you are interested in blogging or starting a blog, Becky is no stranger to that idea!   She has started several successful blogs that have turned into businesses that she and her family run.   She writes about how to do this with your own blog (and how to start a successful blog) at Bloggers Tell All 



Becky the mother of four children.  Her husband, Mickey, also has a blog and they work at home together, daily.  Together since the age of 13, they continue to work alongside one another.  They have both resigned from their full-time jobs to embrace their blogging careers.  They have found that by diving into what works and doesn’t work, they have made a successful business that continues to grow.


They are very devoted to family and spending quality time with their children, as they know that this time doesn’t last.   Together, they travel for their blogs, reviewing different parks, hotels & more (with their four children) and they  write about it on our blogs for their readers to see.


You can find her on Instagram, where she shares daily life photos, travel photos and other tips for daily life.


or more information, e-mail Becky at becky@yourmodernfamily.com

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